Baba's Bucha, The Phoenixville Kombucha with a World of History

Baba's Bucha, The Phoenixville Kombucha with a World of History

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Olga Sorzano, the founder of Baba’s Bucha in Phoenixville, P.A, grew up in Communist Russia, where there weren't any sodas or sports drinks.

Instead of drinking Pepsi, Gatorade, or Coca Cola like most Americans did growing up, Sorzano’s grandmother, or baba, would make Kombucha as an alternative to water on some occasions.

“I would always say, ‘baba, my belly hurts, and my grandmother would always say, have some kombucha’,” Sorzano said in a recent interview with AL DIA News.

Kombucha is a drink usually made out of sweetened black or green tea leaves that are fermented for a long period of time. The popular drink has a variety of health benefits ranging from its many antioxidants to promoting gut health and boosting your immune system.

The healthy drink is gaining popularity in the United States, but not to the level that Sorzano wouldn’t miss it when she came to the U.S. 

When she finally had her first experience with U.S. kombucha, it also left her a little disappointed. 

“I drank it, and it did not taste the same at all, it wasn't the flavor that kombucha tastes like,” said Sorzano.

At that moment, she decided to create Baba’s Bucha, which is named after her grandmother, and whose recipe she used to create her product.

Natural and locally-sourced ingredients are the only products that she uses for her homemade fermented drink to achieve its tart, bubbly flavor.

“We use local honey, blueberries from Hamilton, New Jersey,” said Sorzano.

She also has a kombucha that is created with local lavender flowers and chamomile to give the drink a sweet flavor with relaxing, calming notes.  

Chamomile and honey contain vitamins to relieve seasonal allergies for most people.

One of their most famous drinks is called ‘Believe,’ named in honor of the 2018 Eagles Super Bowl win.


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