About Olga Sorzano

Hello, my name is Olga Sorzano. 

I believe that cooking is all about the love of food. A recipe is just a lifeless combination of words until someone breathes life into the dish and brings soul to the food. I began cooking with the help of my grandmother when I was six. She taught me many traditional Siberian dishes that I continue to make to this day.

When I moved to the U.S., I continued my epicurean pursuits and went to culinary school. After graduating, I was lucky enough to work under and learn from some of the best local chefs. In order to further expand my culinary knowledge, I also traveled as much as I could and ate my way through many different countries. I've taken culinary classes in France, Italy, Switzerland, and Thailand. I also worked as a private chef for seven years before running my own catering business while also hosting private cooking lessons. 

The hospitality industry is not for the faint of heart, and I left the culinary world to focus on raising my two young daughters. I do still maintain a tie to the industry though, and in the last year, I have traveled with the Chef Corps at World Central Kitchen twice to the Polish borders to prepare meals for Ukrainian refugees and also to the border between Turkey and Syria to help prepare food for earthquake victims.

When I'm not focused on food, my husband and I run Baba's Brew, our kombucha company. I love that I can bring my knowledge and passion for food into this fermented adventure. We recently renovated our Phoenixville tasting room, adding a beautiful, cozy dining room that enables us to host monthly Full Moon Feasts and offer hands-on cooking classes. 

Our Full Moon Feasts are a guided journey where the guests can indulge in seasonal organic meals while cultivating new connections with food, themselves, and others through this unique dining experience.